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The App


  1. Download the app:
  2. Sign Up in the Settings Menu
  3. Tap ‘PUBLISH’ once a month *
  4. Receive a magazine in the mail

* Tap 'PUBLISH' once a quarter, if you're on the Quarterly Subscription.


STEP 1 Pick Photos

  • Tap to select & unselect
  • Press & hold to enlarge
  • Select 50/100, layout depending
  • Tap NEXT

STEP 2 Place Photos

  • Press & drag to arrange
  • Top left photo = Page 1, etc
  • Left column = Left pages, etc
  • Tap NEXT

STEP 3 Cover, Date & Title

  • Tap photos to select cover
  • Tap cover to crop
  • tap Date/Spine to adjust
  • Tap PUBLISH!

Did I PUBLISH? Did it go through?

When you tap publish you will see an uploading screen, then a finalizing message and lastly a success message. Once you've see those, your upload is complete. After that:

  • Your order will be visible under Settings/Order History
  • You will receive an email confirmation
If the above are true, you’re good to go!

Houston we have a problem.

If you have any of the following issues - just restart the app and try again. It's no biggie

  • If you left the app mid-upload, the upload won't complete
  • If the phone goes to sleep mid-upload, the upload won't complete
  • If you drop the phone in the bath, the upload won't complete
REMEMBER: A successful upload should take 2-4 minutes on Wifi, max. If it’s taking longer, please restart the app (and/or phone) and try again.

When should I Publish?

Recently is a monthly magazine. We print twice a month, on the 1st and again on the 15th. Anything published ahead of those dates is sent to press and printed! If you miss a print run, DO. NOT. WORRY. Each month you're a paid subscriber, your are purchasing a credit to print. Those credits don't expire. Just publish it the following month!

Will you remind me?

Of course! If you see this badge, you have an available upload.
Go ahead and tap Publish in the app to use it.
There's no rush, you can publish whenever.

The Subscription


$9.99 USD / month to 'PUBLISH' a magazine each month.*

$12.99 USD / quarter to 'PUBLISH' a magazine every 3 months.*

Copies, reorders and additional magazines are invoiced, a la carte, at the subscription price.

Canada – 14.99 USD/mo. / 17.99 USD/qtr.

Can I make magazines for free?

Sure! Refer a friend from within the app (under settings), when they sign up, you each receive a FREE month.

There’s no limit to how many friends you can invite! You will receive the next month free, and they will receive their second month free.


No Worries! With our in-app reminders, we doubt you will forget. However, if you do forget, you can always 'PUBLISH' that magazine next month. Each subscription payment (monthly or quarterly) acts as a credit. That credit can be used whenever, as long as you maintain an active account.

Can I reorder older magazines?

Yup. Under the settings menu you can see your Order History. Each previous magazine is listed there alongside a 'REORDER' button.

Can I send someone copies?

Absolutely. There are 3 ways:

  • Invite friends, family or fans to follow you under settings. They can opt to purchase a copy of your magazines whenever you publish.

  • Tap the Reorder button, next orders on the Order History list. Add them as the addressee.

  • When you complete PUBLISHING any magazine, the app will ask you if you’d like to send a copy. Tap Yes, and the app will walk you through entering their addresses, etc.

How do I cancel?

We'll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel at anytime. There is a Cancel Account button within the settings menu on the app.


Can I select which photos are printed?

Of Course! The first page of the app shows a suggested selection of 50 / 100 recent photos. Simply tap to unselect or select photos for inclusion. Selected photos show at full opacity, unselected are faded. The page title keeps track of how many are selected.

Once enough photos are selected to fill a magazine (50 or 100) a Next button will appear.

Can print previous months? or Faves? or Selfies?

Simple! Just use the navbar at the bottom of the photo grid. Tap to select a new source like previous months, albums (Instagram, Snapchat, etc), selfies or favorites. Those photos will fill your grid!

What are the best type of photos for the cover?

A single photo wraps around the whole cover on the magazines. Therefore using a landscape photo (horizontal) is the best choice. It will get cropped the least! The cover photo is the only photo cropped when making a magazine.

Does Recently crop photos?

Nope. The only photo that is cropped in the app is this cover. It prints as shown in the app.

Magazine & Layout

Is this a real magazine?

Yup! But not your average flimsy throwaway. Think high-end art magazine. With your life as the subject. It’s a meticulously laid out, 7×10 magazine, press-printed on premium heavy stock paper, showcasing up to 100 of your recent photos.

What’s the difference between Full Page and Half Page Layouts?

Under the settings menu, you can select either a Half Page layout or a Full Page one. Half Page magazines include 100 photos in the magazine, great for printing as many as possible. The Full Page layout magazines include 50 photos per magazine, and print full bleed taking up more of the page with your gorgeous imagery.

What's the paper like?

We print exclusively on Mohawk Paper. Mohawk is a third-generation, family-owned, US manufacturer that is constantly renewing its commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • 100# Vellum Uncoated Cover
  • 100# Vellum Uncoated Interior Pages
  • FSC certified
  • Acid Free
  • Made with Windpower

Gift Certificates

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, you can send someone a $25, $50 or $100 Gift Certificate to use Recently.

They can be purchased online at:


  • Recently will immediately send you two emails
  • One is a purchase receipt
  • The other is an automated Gift Certificate email that you can forward to the recipient
  • We will not notify the recipient of your gift.
  • If either of theses do not arrive, please let us know.

I received a Gift Certificate, how do I sign up?

Even if you have received a Gift Certificate a valid credit card is needed as part of the sign up process. Don’t worry, when you sign up using the email address from your gift certificate, the app already knows you have a set number of free months.

When gift certificate credits are used up, all accounts roll over to active subscriptions. This way you're never blocked from publishing your next magazine.


When do you ship

AUG RUN 1 08/14/17 08/15/17 08/30/17
AUG RUN 2 08/31/17 09/01/17 09/15/17
SEP RUN 1 09/14/17 09/15/17 09/30/17
SEP RUN 2 09/30/17 10/01/17 10/15/17
OCT RUN 1 10/14/17 10/16/17 10/31/17
OCT RUN 2 10/31/17 11/01/17 11/15/17
NOV RUN 1 11/14/17 11/16/17 11/30/17
NOV RUN 2 11/30/17 12/01/17 12/15/17

Do you offer tracking?

Yup! You’ll receive an email from us when your magazine is picked up by the USPS. That email will contain the delivery address and a tracking link! If you don't see it please check your spam folder.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently Recently is only available in the US & Canada. We will be launching internationally mid 2017.

Do you ship to the military?

Absolutely. Within the app you can select an APO mailing address. You will see the choice for Armed Forces Americas, Armed Forces Europe, Armed Forces Pacific. Suggested USPS formatting for APO is as follows:

CMR 1250
APO AA 09045