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  • “I love your product and the quality is incomparable to anything else photo related I have ordered in the past.”

  • “I have a 9-month-old son, and Recently has been a GREAT way to share all of those pictures of him we’ve been taking. I send my parents an extra copy every month and they LOVE IT!”

  • “You guys are amazing. Thank you for helping us crazy moms make sense of all the pictures on our phones.“

  • "Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. Recently is a brilliant thing! And this year, it’s helping family stay up-to-date on my daughter’s life in spite of the pandemic. THANK YOU."

  • “The printing on these books is so freakin’ good. I gasped when I received mine.”

  • "Just wanted to let you know, I got all of my magazines and they are beautiful. Thank you so much."

  • "So grateful for your app. We love recently and it adds value to our lives."

  • “I’ll be tucking the books away until he’s 18 as his birthday gift. Thanks for the cool app, keep up the great service!”

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Recently Gift Certificates

$25 Gift Certificate

This is a perfect amount to get anyone up and printing on Recently! Click here.

$50 Gift Certificate

$100 USD Gift Certificate

This is the ideal amount to gift a full year of quarterly magazines. Click here.

$150 USD Gift Certificate

$225 USD Gift Certificate

This is the ideal amount if you want to send someone the gift of 12 monthly magazines for one year. Click Here.

  • Auto-Magic-Layout!

    The Recently app automatically lays out your magazines, based on the photos you pick, so you don't have to.

    Seriously, who has time for that?

  • Make Magazines Together

    Recently seamlessly connects to Apple's iCloud & Shared Albums so you can make magazines together with other people's photos!

  • Quick-Pick Photos

    Simply select photos by Year, Month, Album, Selfies or Faves. The app analyzes your photos and preselects the best ones, saving you time.

    Don't worry, you can always adjust.

  • Publish Notifications

    We know how busy life gets. Recently will send you helpful nudges to make your next magazine, or simple notifications when your orders are on their way.

    No spam, no marketing, and no pushing new products.

  • Global for Global Families

    We know family doesn't always live close by, so we ship globally to over 27 countries!

    What Countries? 
  • Endless Photos, Same Price

    Drowning in kid's art? Add up to 150 photos per magazine! Or include as few as 25 if you love clean white space...

    No up-charge per added pages and images.

  • 100% Flexible Schedule

    The cycle is up to you! Make magazines Monthly, Quarterly or One-at-a-Time! Or just make them when you want!

    Miss a cycle, no worries, we'll save a credit.

  • Friends & Family Discounts

    Each user has a unique friends & family discount code which can be shared for endless discounts and rewards.

  • Built In Affiliates

    Join our affiliate program for a mutually beneficial and fun experience. Earn while spreading the word about our awesome product!

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Simple Pricing

  • Monthly (12 free magazines / yr.) — $12.99/mo.
  • Quarterly (4 free magazines / yr.) — $14.99/qtr.
  • No Obligation
  • Quick Cancel Guarantee
  • International Rates

Make more at any time, same price!