About Recently

Photography has been a common thread in our lives since we first met in 2002. As old-school as it sounds, we randomly crossed paths in-line at New York’s famed B&H camera store. A couple years later, at our wedding, we placed Holga cameras on each table for our guests to use. Within the next couple years, the original iPhone had launched, and we had a daughter.

By the time our daughter turned one, we had 10,000 photos in our camera roll, and there were no simple ways to print them. We quickly dreamt up and built an iOS app that simplified and automated the process of getting your best camera roll photos into collection-worthy printed magazines. The rest is history...

In a world filled with so many choices, we thank you for choosing our small business to work with. The stories you’ve shared with us, of memories and families, keep us going.

Team Recently,
Liz & Scott